Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dinosaur Costume

Mason, being a sport and modeling his dinosaur January.
I love having my boys dress up in classic themed costumes. Since Mason had already been a pumpkin and a clown, I decided this year to have him trick-or-treat as a dinosaur. My mom had a little dinosaur/dragon costume for my younger siblings with the cutest simplest little hoodie that inspired this little number. Even though he was going for scary, I wanted him to still look cute, so I stuffed him full of stuffing so that he would be plump and round. In hind-sight, I guess I made him a little too round.  In person, it was adorable, but in every picture his costumes comes across a little too much like a Teletubby for my liking. Oops.
 I made the costume in two parts. Leggings and a dinosaur top. Both were made out of anti pill fleece to keep him warm on Halloween night. Thank goodness I did since it rained all night long! The fleece kept him warm and dry. We were both pleased as punch!

I made the spikes out of flannel and used interfacing to keep them stiff.
Mason still wears this costume around the house and during his play. I even found him using it as a pillow in his bed last night. I guess he was okay with the overstuffed tummy.


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