Friday, October 26, 2012

Skunk Costume

 This year I decided that my youngest child had to be a skunk. There is something about his little upturned nose that made me think that he had to be some sort of cute furry animal and a skunk is what I came up with. It helped that my sons were obsessed with this stinky animal all Summer long so the idea became more and more appealing. After all, if you ever see a baby skunk you'll see that they are actually darling little creatures...just like my toddler.

Up until the day that we took pictures, our little stinker REFUSED to wear his costume. Every time I tried to put it on him he screamed like a mad-man! I nearly gave up on the whole thing until I told my husband my costume woes. To my delight and surprise, he packed our men in the car, grabbed the massive costume and drove us over to a pretty area down the street where he charmed our little skunk into smiling happily for a 20 minute photo shoot! Prayers are answered!!!

I made this cuddly creature out of fleece and fake fur and stuffed it with fiberfill for a round little look. The tail has copper wire holding it up and the pants are separate.

 My husband is my dream come true


Vanessa@Designs By Sessa said...

My son was a little "stinker" his first halloween! this is SO adorable!

Shelley said...

Okay, this is the cutest. thing. ever. I stumbled across your blog when looking for a skunk costume. Did you make this? Are you for hire?... but seriously... ;)

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me where you got the white fur and what it was called? Thank you

Anonymous said...

I know it’s been some time since this was posted, but I love this costume!! Is it available for purchase?


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