Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to make an owl, Part 2

The second part to making your very own paper mache owl is even easier than the first. All you are doing is covering your form and adding detail. First, prepare or buy paper clay (celluclay works great). I used this recipe here. The paper clay helps give it a more finished look and makes it even stronger and long-lasting.

Once you have your paper clay ready, add a small amount to the bottom of your form and firmly set it in a shallow bowl. This helps it stay upright so that you can work on it without it moving around on you:

Before starting, I recommend filling a small bowl with water so that you can keep your hands wet while spreading the clay. This keeps it from sticking to you. Then start covering your form. A small amount is all you need for most of the areas:

Cover eyes and head with layer as well:

For the brow I added a little bit more so that I could give it detail. First I pinched the clay together to form a higher ridge:

Then, with a smooth knife (I use this dull red one nearly every time I sculpt so I finally decided to keep it with my art supplies instead of in the kitchen) cut in details. 
With a wet hand, smooth face:
Add balls for the eyes:
Press down:
Add more and press again:

For the wings I built small ridges and then smoothed down with a wet hand:

After it is dry (or nearly so) cut the bottom and take the balloon out.
Cut off extra and clean up the bottom.

When it is all dry, paint however you please with craft paint. I was trying to make mine look like my sons costume from last year but any style, basic or ornate, would work! After I painted mine, I washed it with watered down black paint to make it pop. After that dried, I sprayed it with a finish. All done!
I had so much fun with this fast project that I turned around and made a black owl right afterwards!


BBC said...

you. AMAZE. me!

moxinator said...

why take out the balloon?


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