Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yoda Softy

My oldest with his new Yoda friend
Out of nowhere, my oldest son has become smitten with Yoda from Star Wars. I don't know how this happened (since he has never seen any of the shows) but I can't say that I blame him. I was always rather fond of that green cutie when I was little and spent many hours playing with my Yoda toy with my brothers. Yesterday, while my babies took their naps, My four-year-old and I got to work on making the Yoda softy that had been on his mind. He was in charge of removing all the pins out of my way while I sewed it on the machine and helped with all of the stuffing and turning of the fabric. He was thrilled! Who needs a daughter to have a sewing partner?!!

If you are wanting to make Yoda of your own, here is how we did it:
First, we made a quick pattern and cut out our pieces:
 I conveniently had light green flannel already on hand so we used that for his skin.

 After ironing all the parts, take two ear pieces and layer with wrong sides facing out. Add one piece of interfacing and sew around edges (as shown on left). Turn right side out (ear on the right).

Iron ears again and fold base inward:

 Sandwich ears in between the two head pieces. Pin and sew.

Turn out (I had to do this several times since my years were WAY too long):

Set head aside and take the back piece of the body and sew together the V shaped cut together at the top of the neck. This creates Yoda's hump on his back. A must-have for any Yoda fan.

When done, place right sides of body together, pin in place and sew around edges. Then turn right side out and stuff.  Stuff the head as well. My trusty helper and I like to use knitting needles to help push out all of the tiny edges and stuff in the hard to reach places.

 Take pins and place them where you want your eyes to be. Once you are satisfied, make very small holes with small scissors.

I bought a pack of animal eyes. They came in a pack of 6 for 99 cents at Joann's. I like them because once the back piece snaps all the way down, I don't have to worry about my little men pulling them off and chocking on them.

I didn't want his eyes to be so wide open, so I took a small piece of green flannel, folded over one edge and super glued it in place:

After that was done, I carefully cut and glued and cut and glued until I got it just right. I went through several eyes because I had it too bulky on the back with all of my fabric and glue and it wouldn't snap down far enough to hold in place.

 Put your eyes in your head and snap the white plastic pieces onto the backs so that they hold in place.

I used embroidery floss to make wrinkles and his nose and mouth. My son wanted him to be happy. Needlework is not my finest strength so I did the best I could. :) Then I stitched the head onto the body.

At that point my babies started squawking in their cribs upstairs so we had to move fast. That meant that there are not anymore pictures of the creation process from here on out. Sorry! While the babies played in their cribs for an extra ten minutes, we whipped together his clothes and a sword (at the request of my son. I know his sword is supposed to be green but he loves the color blue). The sword is held by the wise Yoda with velcro so that he can hold it when he is ready to fight but take it off when he is in need of a good snuggle.

 Now my son is in hog heaven with his homemade Yoda. It was all done in one nap session and would be easy to make for a Star Wars fan in one (2 hour) sitting. If you are going homemade this holiday season, I certainly recommend this snugly little friend!


Melissa @ LoveBugLiving said...

That is adorable! I love Yoda too. He looks so happy too!


Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

Stopping over from TT&J. This is SOOOOO cute! My oldest would LOVE it! :) Just pinned it!

Tanya said...

My nephew would love that!! I might make it for his birthday. Do you think a 5 year old is too old for one? I hope not.

Sew Can Do said...

This is so cute - my little guys would love this too. I've featured it at the newest Craftastic party, so be sure to grab a Featured On button. Thanks for linking up at Sew Can Do:)

Hayley Parker said...

cute! you are so creative!

noz! said...

Dear Malinda, I've just come through Pinterest on your blog and had to laugh so heartily:
My son is a big Star Wars fan and the image was to be seen here, has enabled me in bare delight - thank you for the great tutorial!

Jamie @ DIY Home Sweet Home said...

He is so adorable. My nephew would love this. Hope to see you at DIY Home Sweet Home. I'm also your newest follower. Cute blog.
P.S. I have a linky every Monday. Would love you to stop by and link up.

Whit said...

Wow good job it looks great and so adorable. Thank you so much for linking up to last weeks show and share. Make sure to come back and link up this week with your latest project.

A mommy's life...with a touch of yellow

Melanie said...

This is so adorable! I have three nephews and am always looking for crafts for boys (although there are plenty of girls Star Wars fans too of course!) so I am really excited to make this for Christmas!!!!

Anonymous said...

I made this a year ago for my boyfriend's youngest brother, and he never goes anywhere without it. He loves it so much that his mom has had to resew some parts because its gotten beat up a bit because he takes it everywhere he goes. Thank you so much for this idea! It's absolutely perfect for any star wars lover!

Jenny said...

Cutest yoda I've seen! I'm using your ears to stick on a hat I'm making for my son's halloween costume.

Unknown said...

Do you have a printable pattern?

Unknown said...

Yes do you have a pattern? It seems like it is freehand. Or am I missing it on your blog somewhere?

Unknown said...

Your Yoda is adorable and your tutorial with your son is so cute. I could not find a pattern and would like to ask if you have one - I am hopeless at guessing and drawing etc.
perry94022 at hotmail dot com

MM Mota said...

Yes a pattern would be great please!


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