Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Stockings

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, we can start celebrating Christmas guilt-free! I love everything about Christmas but one of my very favorite ways to kick off the yuletide festivities is with our family stockings. Growing up, one of my very talented aunts made each one of the members in our extended family a personal stocking that had our own fabric print and our name lovingly stitched on top. Now that I have a family of my own, I wanted to carry on this same tradition by making personalized stockings for my husband and our little boys. When our oldest was a baby, my aunt gave me her stocking pattern. This year I made my youngest a stocking of his own. He was born a few days before Christmas last year but I wasn't able to make his stocking in time for that holiday. Happily, this year it is complete (and I may just love it best of all). I love how cheerful it is, just like my little baby boy. Now that my stockings are out, let the Christmas fun begin!
The name was embroidered with a chain stitch that I learned from a library book. That was before I realized that youtube videos were the best way to learn anything new. :)

 I found this friendly Santa print at Joann's and knew that I had to match it with my striped red and white fabric for his toe. And who doesn't love jumbo ric-rac?!

I think it is a great addition to our family of stockings.

My aunt made mine with the teddy bear stripes. The rest were made by yours truly. :)


Amanda said...

I love handmade!! These are so adorable!

Melissa @ twolittleredbobbins said...

Gorgeous, I love them!


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