Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter

My three little men, Easter 2011
This Easter was a happy one full of family and fun. My little men were thrilled to see that the Easter Bunny came and I was pleased as punch to see them successfully wear what I made them. Some would say it is child abuse to make your boys wear bow ties AND carrots, but I thought they were darling. It was well worth the effort!
 The carrots were inspired by the CUTEST picture I saw on the blog, Aesthetic Outburst. Since I was too late to enter the giveaway, I had to make my boys a version of my own. I wanted them to sorta match their bowties, so I made them with the correlating patterned fabric scraps. I think I like her basic felt version better, but I was still smitten. I will miss having young sons who are willing to put up with so much.

This picture was taken after church in his disheveled state. Getting a 19-month-old to hold still is so tricky.

 I made bowties for my older sons with the leftover fabric from the shortalls I made my youngest. My version might take a smidge bit longer to make than the standard bowtie, but I think the finished result is worth it.

I made some last minute basket-stuffers for my youngest two sons. I am sure enjoying learning how to crochet!

I made this little fella in less than an hour. He was darling. I wish I had larger eyes, but besides that, I am a fan of how it turned out. I made it from this free pattern that I was directed to on the blog, Maybe Matilda (she is amazing and you better believe I am going to try to make her bomber hat).

I made this little friend from a free pattern from Lions Brand. It was simple and fun and I have no doubt that someday my son will like it (it is hard to compete with candy). I never got around to buying baskets so my sister made some out of paper bags and spray painted them blue. They were perfect. Too bad I don't really have a picture of them.

The Girl Creative


Amy D. Hall Riter said...

Your boys are so cute. I LOVE your blog. You seriously make the cutest things. Do you take orders? I'm serious- I want you to make things for my baby. Do you have an Etsy store? You are the cutest mom ever!!

Amy D. Hall Riter said...

I'm a dork! Your Etsy store is posted on you blog. :)

Aesthetic Outburst... said...

Your carrots look fabulous (along with everything else)! :) You've inspired me to make a bowtie. x, Abbey

Amanda said...

I just read your super sweet comment on my blog...I think in another life we were sisters! Nacho Libre? Hahaha!
I just started following. Have a happy day!

Kath said...

that carrot boutonnière is to die for! I love it! so cute. glad I found your blog.



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