Friday, April 22, 2011

More Bunny Ears

Back in March I stumbled upon the cutest bunny hat that I had ever seen! I found it in the etsy shop, Inner Hooker. I had only attempted crocheting once before (I tried to make a beanie nine years ago for my sister but it ended up looking more like some sort of Sherlock Holmes hat) but since the pattern was only $3.99, I couldn't resist!
 The image that stole my heart from Inner Hooker
The pattern was fairly easy, even for a beginner like me. Since I didn't have anyone around to show me how to actually crochet, I turned to  and watched all sorts of tutorials whenever I came across a new stitch that I didn't understand (which was every one besides the beginning chain). What a fun way to learn! Much more rewarding that learning on a scarf or Sherlock Homles hat/beanie.

 Either my little man's head is on the small side or my skills aren't quite amazing yet because because this hat ended up being a little loose and therefore didn't stand up the way the one in the picture did. I am sure this was my fault since I really had no idea what I was doing. Also, I ended up using two different types of yarn that claimed to be the same weight but weren't. This made the inside of my ears larger than they were supposed to and so I just added more rounds of brown to the outer ear so that I wouldn't have to re-do them. All in all, I was pleased as punch and I am so glad that we are having an unusually cool Spring so that my little man can sport it for longer.
Now I just have to finish three more Easter projects before the big holiday and I am set! Hot dog!


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

I think your hat is cuter than the other picture, of course that could also be because your little man is so much cuter :) I'm always impressed with your sewing skills, especially since you didn't even know what you were doing. You're so talented!

Bonnie Weeks said...

Seriously - such cute ears! Well done. I have no idea at all how to do that, so props! And I love your other bunny ears. They are so springy and fun.

Aria said...

You are incredible! Is there anything you can't make??! I DEFINITELY want to buy one of these for our next baby. I'm a sucker for anything crocheted. :)


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