Friday, March 4, 2011

Halloween 2009

Our family on Halloween night (sans Poppy, who had to work. Boo).
Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays, especially now that I have little men to dress up every year! It is so much fun to see them parade around in something that I made! This year I had such a fun time finding vintage themed Halloween prints. I could spend all day in a quality fabric shop! Luckily, I have a photographer as a sister who kindly documents our big nights for us. I am the luckiest of all!
Since Charlie was just a month old and so small, I knew that whatever he was, he would need to be cozy and warm. I decided on making him a little candy corn bunting to keep him safe from the elements while we hunted for loot. I made his costume even before he was born and thankfully it fit just right!

I made vintage inspired jack-o-lanterns for my little trick-or-treaters out of paper mache, acrylic paint, wire and a balloon. Since Charlie was still a newborn, I figured he wouldn't be collecting so much loot and decided that he could use a smaller-sized bucket for the big night.
Mason wore his little clown outfit. I was thrilled that he actually cooperated! Up until the big day, he would have nothing to do with his costume. Thankfully, once I explained that he could get candy from people if he wore his outfit trick-or-treating, he was very agreeable. Hot dog!
Cousin Sydney wore Mason's pumpkin costume from the year before and was a champ! She walked over a mile getting her candy and didn't complain once! Her frequent candy breaks helped fuel her on.
All in all, the night was a hit. Best of all, we got to celebrate with family.

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