Friday, August 14, 2009

Sophie the Clown

Audrey sewing her masterpiece

This past week James' family came to visit from Utah. The whole trip was wonderful but the highlight for me was that Audrey and I got to make little Clown costumes for our kid's. Hot dog!!! I am constantly trying to lure people into crafting with me but I seldom get any takers. I had a ball sewing with her and I think our costumes turned out so well!

To top it off, my sister Aria was nice enough to drop by and take some cute photos of little Sophie in her "bunny-clown" costume (she said she wanted to be a bunny and so her mom pleased them both by giving her clown outfit a combo name. Very brainy). What is more wonderful than a photo shoot of your child in a homemade Halloween costume?!! Thanks Aria!!! Now if only Mason would get over his grumpy mood and ware his costume I could show you how cute he is going to be on All Hallows Eve.

Check out my sister's website and blog here. She is incredibly talented and I feel like the luckiest of all to have her as my sister. And not just because of her photography.
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Aria said...

You're so sweet, Malinda. And so talented, once again! I want you to copy that clown outfit for Sydney. Let's go fabric shopping soon!

Chasing Izzy said...

Those clown costumes are SOOO adorable. Do you follow patterns or are they pure inspiration? I would love to learn how to sew clothes, but it seems so daunting.

Coconut said...


Kody L said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog thanks for sharing


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