Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Aprons

While I should have been working on these...
I was playing around with this adorable fabric. Can you blame me?!!

Chef Mason even put up with the gettup for a while tis morning. As he is my manly little chap, I made him a half-waisted man apron to go with his hat. I can't wait till we can make Valentine cookies together now!

Valentine's day, here we come! My matching apron turned out a little more feminine with ruffles galore! I'll post real pictures of the finished project later. Let's just say it was fun, fun, FUN!
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Aria said...

How CUTE! Mason looks like a master chef. I might have to do a little photo shoot of him and Sydney in them together. I can't wait to make ours!

Gabbarts said...

So you figured out the ruffles 'eh! Mason looks absolutely studly in his gettup. take care


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